November 08, 2013
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 The holidays are here.   If you find yourself planning a trip, please remember to pack comfortable  shoes.   Avoiding an injury to your feet  with an awkward step or if your shoes start to hurt your feet it can ruin  the day.

                        •   Break in any shoes before you leave on your trip. The last thing you want to encounter is  uncomfortable blisters.

                        •   Spending a little extra money for quality of your footwear when trying to decide which shoes to    purchase.

                       •    Comfort is way more important than fashion.

                        •    A good pair of socks will help prevent blisters, odor, and keep your feet comfortable.

                        •    Insoles are a great way to make your shoes more comfortable.   A recommendation would be  Superfeet and Dr. Scholl’s full length.


 Foot Care Specialists, PLLC wishes you and your family a wonderful Holiday Season.