Updated:  March 7, 2022

We're OPEN!


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This is an unprecedented time that warrants careful but strategic medicine.   We will continue to see patients until it's recommended otherwise.  As a health care provider, we are considered an  "essential service", thus we're open if you need us.   We ask for your patience in advance as we have to resort to unusual standards to keep everyone safe.  The primary measures taken are highly recommended by the Centers of Disease Control(CDC):

1.  Handwashing- standard in any medical office.

2.  Wearing a Mask- REQUIRED as our office see high risk patients, such as Diabetics, daily.

3.  Social Distancing (6 feet apart)- This is somewhat a new concept but must be practiced to keep us as safe as possible. This practice changes the way we will see patients until further notice.  There will be no more than one patient and/or caretaker/parent allowed in the reception at one time.  Therefore you may be asked to wait in your car before coming into the office. Please refrain from bringing additional persons to the scheduled appointment as. Our goal is to keep everyone safe, especially our vulnerable patients!


You will see these posts in our office:


Welcome Patients,

As you all are aware COVID-19 has been confirmed in NC, with the first case being in Wake County.

In general, ALL patients are treated as if they have an infectious disease.  We plan to increase this precaution with additional cleaning and sanitizing throughout the office.

Patients are phone screened prior to scheduled appointments.  Patients that pose a risk are cancelled and/or rescheduled 7 days later.

Our office is taking the necessary precautions to keep our patients and staff safe.

Keep in mind this is a dynamic situation and subject to change. We will continue to stay informed and follow CDC guidelines.  Thank you for your time and patience.  We hope for your understanding during these challenging times for all.  We truly appreciate our patients!

Stay Healthy!


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Below is an important link authored by the CDC that is helpful: